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Gerald Loeffler Gerald.Loeffler at vienna.at
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I'll just give you the (at least for me) most important names of
companies and persons/institutions that work in that area - and leave
the finding of the actual URLs as an exercise to you (-:

see also the archives of the GENE-ARRAYS mailing list!

(functional) genomics:
	o patrick brown at stanford university
	o incyte (and especially their synteni branch, and there the work of
roland somogyi)
	o affymetrix
	o mark boguski at NIH
	o bittner (at NIH?)
	o the e-cell project of TIGR
	and many many more (-:

	o lee anderson
	o oxford glyco-science


ivan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a student in biotechnology;I'm looking for some information about
> genomics,functional genomics and proteomics.....somebody can help me to
> find
> links,URL and everything related to these argouments?
> Every answer is well accepted and I thank you .
> Write me

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