New win95 DNA analysis software available

David Dixon d.p.dixon at durham.ac.uk
Thu Apr 8 05:32:16 EST 1999

I am pleased to announce the first release of DNA for Windows, a
shareware Windows 95/98 program for small-scale DNA sequence analysis.
The program is able to perform most of the tasks required in small
sequencing projects including restriction analysis, contig assembly,
polypeptide translations, etc.  A major feature is the ability to read,
edit, save, print and align ABI automated sequencer chromatogram files.
The README file below provides further details; the program can be
downloaded from:
Hopefully this file will also appear soon at ftp.ebi.ac.uk.

Please let me know what you thinkof the program,

David Dixon
d.p.dixon at durham.ac.uk

     DNA for Windows
        Version 2.2 (Shareware)

DNA for Windows is a compact, easy to use Windows 95/98
program able to perform many of the tasks required for
relatively small DNA cloning/sequencing projects.

DNA for Windows can:
 Read/write FASTA format files.
 Import sequences from plain-text files.
 Manipulate sequences, eg:
  Reverse, complement, reverse-complement,
  Upper case, lower case,
  Remove non-sequence characters,
  Convert DNA to/from RNA sequence.

 Analyse sequences, eg:
  Restriction enzyme mapping,
  Peptide translations,
  Codon usage table construction,
        *Multiple alignments of DNA or protein,
        *Assembly of sequence contigs,
  Dot plots.

 Analyse automated sequencer chromatogram files, eg:
  Read & write ABI chromatogram files,
  View chromatogram, with independently
   scalable X- and Y- axes,
  Edit base calls,
        *Auto align with a second chromatogram file,
  Configurable printing of chromatograms.

* These functions are implemented using external programs;
  Multiple alignments are performed using the CLUSTALW program
  written by J. D. Thompson, D. G. Higgins and T. J. Gibson.
  Contig assembly is performed using a DLL version of CAP
  (Contig Assembly Program), written by Xiaoqiu Huang.

This is the first release version of this program and may
contain bugs and/or other undesirable features.  PLEASE let
me know of any you come across, and any other feature(s)
you would like to see implemented, so that I can continue
to improve this program - my email address is:

 d.p.dixon at durham.ac.uk

This program is distributed as SHAREWARE; users are legally
obliged to register this program after a maximum 30-day
trial period.  Currently, this shareware version is
identical to the registered version, although future updates
will only be made available to registered users.

Currently, registration cost GBP 50.00 for a single copy and
is valid for all future versions of this program.

To register, please send GBP 50.00 as a sterling cheque
(preferred) or cash, or as the equivalent in local currency,

 Dr D. P. Dixon,
 Department of Biological Sciences,
 University of Durham,
 South Road,
 DH1 3LE

Please also enclose your email address so that I can send you
program updates when they become available.

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