new release of FASTA SCAN (v.3.2)

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Wed Apr 7 10:37:48 EST 1999

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When I tried to access the URL,
http://pcgen018.molinette.unito.it/, I got
the following message: HTTP/1.0 404 Oggetto non trovato (Object not
found?). Is there an error in the URL?

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> Hi,
> The new release of FASTA SCAN (v.3.2) is available on the Tamarindo
> site at
> http://pcgen018.molinette.unito.it/
> FASTA SCAN allows you to select, from a FASTA results file, the
> sequences of real interest and save them in a multi-sequence file
> format (Pearson format) in order to do a multi-alignment (for example
> with CLUSTALW).
> FASTA SCAN was successfully tested with:
> - GCG v.8.1 FASTA
> - Pearson package FASTA v.3.1t07 May, 1998
> but probably work with prior version of the Pearson package too.
> Please report all bugs, remarks and/or comments to
> friard at molinette.unito.it
> Olivier Friard
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