Non technical plasmid draw

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Mon Apr 5 17:43:36 EST 1999

It looks like you wish to use a general-purpose object-draw program for
creating plasmid drawings, but do not need automated plasmid drawing.  Is
this correct?  If so, then why not use Illustrator or CorelDraw, if these
are available to you?

I use an object draw program for occasional plasmid drawings, creating a
circle, then defining arcs whose degree-positions are determined by the
begin and end nt positions on the plasmid.  After placing the arcs, I can
increase their sizes to make them stand out from the circle, making thick
"bars" that denote features on the plasmid, like genes, etc.  The area
color of the arcs can be altered for clarity.  Finally, the drawing
elements are "fused" to make the entire figure proportionally scalable for
insertion into another document.

Is this what you want?  I could send you a sample later.

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu

Søren Vang <vang at imsb.au.dk> wrote:

: Hi

: I'm looking for a good program for drawing plasmids. I'm talking about a

: program like Illustrator and CorellDraw not MacPlasmap, Textco's Gene
: Construction Kit or the like.
: Do any of you have suggestions?

: Sincerely

: Søren Vang

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