Peak heights

Robert Means remeans at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 5 15:26:53 EST 1999

	We have an ABI DNA sequencer and we are trying to measure peak
ratios with it. Basically, we have an area where one base is changing with
time. We have a number of sequential samples. We want to be able to
measure the ratio between an unchanging peak and the peak that is variable
in order to estimate the percentage of the population that has a
particular sequence. For example, at time 0, 100% of the sequence is
aatat. At time 1, 10% of the sequence is aattt and 90% is aatat. And so on
over time. So, what I need is a way of assigning peak ratios to an ABI
trace file. Has anyone written such a beast? Roger Staden said they didn't
implement this because of problems with the ABI software doing
normalizations or otherwise manipulating the  trace before outputing it.
Anyway, any help would be great. I try to follow the newsgroup, but could
you also e-mail me your response- remeans at fas.harvard.edu.


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