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Marc Andelman drgonfly at ultranet.com
Thu Apr 1 19:17:07 EST 1999

Biosource is an employer paid fee service.Our client, based in Rekyavik,
ICELAND,is seeking to hire people with the following skills.  Please refer
this information to anyone who may be potentially interested.  Interested
parties should E mail drgonfly at ultranet.com, by attaching a
Word or Wordperfect cv, or call Marc Andelman Biosource Inc. 1 Parkton Ave.,
MA 01605   tel 508 853 8803  fax 508 853 8772.  Unless specifically
requested, please allow me only to get back in touch with a particular
person if this or some other position is a dead ringer for a particular
person's interests. I of course call first to ask permission before
releasing anyone's information.

    Marc Andelman ,Biosource Inc.

Bioinformatics  Our client, a leading genomics firm based in Iceland, needs
bioinformatics specialists that are energetic, good at communicating,
know how to design/program and have experience in at least three of the
following areas:Secondary structure prediction,exon prediction,Sequence
comparison/remote homologue detection.Ternary/functional structure
prediction,Primer designControl element extraction.SequencingGenotypingOne
person is for bioinformatics support. That person will have to be able to
program a little bit in Perl,CGI,HTML and have good communication skill and
be willing to learn some genetics.The others could be Bioinformatics
specialist with some experience and interest/ambition and a good programmer
(preferably with Java experience and intrest in genetics.

Statistical geneticsThe Statistics group of our client is seeking applicants
for two or more available positions. The applicant must have completed the
equivalent of bachelors degree or more in mathematics, statistics or
computer science. Familiarity with the UNIX operating system, the S-plus
statistical package, and or programming in C/C++ will be considered an

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