AceDB as personal/laboratory management system for vectors and constructs?

jfryan at my-dejanews.com jfryan at my-dejanews.com
Thu Apr 1 09:16:30 EST 1999

> Do you think it is a good idea to use AceDB to store information about
> plasmids available in one laboratory? What are the pros and cons? How
> many of you are using AceDB this way? Are there any better solutions for
> UNIX/Linux?
> Thanks
> Piotr


The latest version of the Perl Journal (Sprint 1999, www.tpj.com)
has an article by Lincoln Stein in which Lincoln points
out the pros and cons of using ACEDB for ANY project.

PostgreSQL (www.postgresql.org) and Sybase (linux.sybase.com)
are excellent free alternatives.  The major difference being that
ACEDB is Object-Oriented, PostgreSQL is Object-Relational and
Sybase is a classic Relational Database.



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