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Tue Sep 29 07:48:57 EST 1998

[Oskar writes]
>     I am just starting to work with alignment programs and I amn having
> some problems. I am using Macaw program ( becouse of its freeware) in
> order to align some sequences. But even if I have no problem taking the
> sequences in the program ( creating Fasta files manually) I am uncapable
> to get any homology block-s in my sequences ( even if I tried with the
> same sequence with some changes). Any ideas??? Any other easy

You may need to select the sequences with the mouse before you
search for blocks with MACAW.  You can select only the portion of
the sequences in which you want the search to proceed.



Roland Walker
walker at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
National Center for Biotechnology Information

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