gapped BLAST email server

Tom Madden madden at corin.nlm.nih.gov
Tue Sep 29 07:27:14 EST 1998

A gapped BLAST (ver. 2.) email server is now available at the National
Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).  Please see section 5 
of the instructions for a description of the 'new' directive that accesses 
this service.  Note  that gapped service will become the default on 
Oct. 26, 1998.  BLAST 1.4 will still be available as described in 
section 5 of the instructions.

Instructions for the BLAST email server follows.

=-+==============  NCBI BLAST E-Mail Server Instructions  =================

These are the instructions for the new NCBI BLAST email server.  Important
new features of this server are:

      Gapped BLAST (version 2.0) searches are now possible.  Use the directive
      'new'.  Additionally there are directives to control the gap existence
      and extension penalties.  These options are discussed in section 5.

The NCBI BLAST E-mail server allows a similarity search to be performed against
a standard sequence database by sending it a properly composed mail message
that, among other elements, contains the user's nucleotide or protein query
sequence.  The query sequence is compared against the specified database using
the BLAST algorithm; the results are then returned to the user in a mail 

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