look for a sequence patent database?

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Thu Sep 24 22:36:23 EST 1998

> From: jlulchen at aol.com (Jlulchen)
> Subject: look for a sequence patent database?

> Does anyone know where I can download a sequence patent database? We are
> planning to do search on it.  I remember it was in NCBI
> site before. Many thanks indeed.
> Jin
> jlulchen at aol.com

What kind of searches do you mean? 

The GenBank patent file is on NCBI's FTP server at:


and the data therein is part of the 'nr' database which is available to
do BLAST (sequence similarity) searches.

You can also query this data in Entrez, if you use the 'Properties'
search field, and specify "gbdiv pat", that will start you off with the
paptent records. This would be to do text based searches on the various
annotations which may be present in these datafiles.  I warn you
though, paptnt records are very poorly (if at all) annotated.  For that
division, it's done by lawyers, not biologist ;-).



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