John Augustine jaugust at bellatlantic.net
Mon Sep 21 06:42:19 EST 1998

 Some PC users can't find MS-Dos software! A GOOD SOURCE
is Simtel.Net with about 12,000 files in 175 categories.
They also have a Windows software library. NOTE: I do NOT
work for Simtel.Net. Here is a small Simtel.Net sample:
BREAKDN2.ZIP "Break Down" V1.2   msdos/fileutil

 "Break down" a huge text file at specified locations into
smaller files. File splitters use byte or line counting
which is not ideal in some situations.....
COL_PRT9.ZIP "Columns Printer" V1.9  msdos/printer

 Prints a text file in 2, 3, or 4  columns. Features
include "Stripper" (option) to remove a part/s....
COUNTER2.ZIP "Counter" V1.2  msdos/statstcs

 Counts the occurrences of a pattern/s (wildcard/s in the
pattern is an option) in one, a group, or all files....
DATAFY1.ZIP "Datafy" V1.1  msdos/fileutil

 Convert every byte of any type of file into it's equivalent
decimal number. A byte represents a number from 0 to 255...
DEDUPE12.ZIP "DeDupe" V1.2  msdos/txtutl

 Remove duplicate lines located anywhere. File does NOT have
to be sorted. Duplicate lines can be put into another file.
DIR-ACC4.ZIP "Directory Access" V1.4  msdos/diskutil

 View, copy, replace or restore a directory. Not image, but
actual directory. See deleted files and all the attributes
of every file's directory entry including long filenames....
DOUBLE15.ZIP "Double" V1.5  msdos/txtutl

 View two files in text mode at the same time (split screen
or interlaced). "HiLite" feature exposes differences between
the two files.  Also has Search for Differences mode...
DRV-RPT1.ZIP "Drivers Report" V1.0  msdos/sysinfo

 View all the drivers whose headers are present in the chain
of device headers used by the operating system.
F_KEYS13.ZIP "Function Keys" V1.3  msdos/keyboard

 Simple to use programmable F keys utility.  Enter Dos or
Dos based program commands with a single key press...
F_VALID8.ZIP "Files Validator" V1.8  msdos/virus

 Validates one, a group, or all files in a drive. Reports
files that changed. Reads every file completely.....
FILE_TD3.ZIP "File Time Date" V1.2  msdos/fileutil

 Set the time and/or date of one, a group, or all files in
a directory in a single pass.
FINDER28.ZIP "Finder" V2.8  msdos/txtutl

 Search one, a group, or all files (any type) for a text
pattern/s. Special options include Dual And/Or, Wildcard,
Exclusive, and Mis-Match Allow, etc....
HEXIT_18.ZIP "Hex It" V1.8  msdos/binaryed

 Create a hexadecimal image file (text file) of any file.
Includes memory and disk sector (logical or physical)....
LINES_A2.ZIP "Lines Arranger" V1.2  msdos/txtutl

 Makes it easy to rearrange lines in a text file....
PURGER11.ZIP "Purger" V1.1  msdos/fileutil

 Get rid of file/s that you don't want anyone to recover.
Overwrites file/s completely then deletes it/them.
RENAMER2.ZIP "ReNamer" V1.2  msdos/dirutl

 Rename a group or all files in a directory in one pass.
Progressive ("001") can be part of the filenames (option).
SCRAMBL3.ZIP "Scrambler/Unscrambler" V1.3  msdos/fileutil

 Scramble or Unscramble one, a group, or all files in a
directory using a "key" (word, phrase, sentence, etc.).
TEXT_M28.ZIP "Text Modifier" V2.8  msdos/txtutl

 Modify a text file/s in many different ways.  Clipping,
Stripping, Extracting, Excluding, Replacing, Reducing,
Removing, etc.  Pattern/s can be non-text such as control...
TSR-REM1.ZIP TSR Remover V1.0  msdos/tsrutil

 Used for the removal of one or more TSR (Terminate and
Stay Resident) programs that have no un-install function.
VECS_CK3.ZIP "Vectors Checker" V1.3   msdos/sysutl

 Detects a "lurking" program which could be an active
memory resident virus or TSR program.
WH_USED6.ZIP "What's Used" V1.6  msdos/fileutil

 Reports all files opened ("used") or created by a program.
WHA_NEW3.ZIP "What's New" V1.3  msdos/dirutl

 Reports all new (or missing) files (new additions) and new
(or missing) directories, and changed files....
XTRACTR4.ZIP "Extractor" V1.4  msdos/txtutl

 View any file (can be huge) in text mode, and Mark parts
for exporting to another file, or without Marked parts....

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