ANOUNCEMENT - SecureZIP: ZIP utility + Security

Gary Liu garygliu at pacbell.net
Sat Sep 12 19:56:54 EST 1998

SecuriSys Corporation has released its first beta test
version of SecureZIP software. SecureZIP is a
Windows 95/98/NT based ZIP utility with advanced windows
interface and security features that lets you handle ZIP

SecureZIP has most of the convenient features found in
other popular ZIP utilities such as WinZip - the
current leading ZIP utility from Nico Mak Computing,
Inc. These features include drag and drop interface,
context menu, "Smart Search" - better than "Favorite
Folders" of WinZip, automatic installation of software
distributed in a ZIP archive, temporary checkout, the
Unzip Wizard, etc. In fact, SecureZIP works just like
WinZip, except it will automatically verify the digital
signature when you open a ZIP or other type of file,
and will show the verification result in a small pane
under the toolbar. If you want, you can even turn off
the small pane to make SecureZIP work almost exactly
like WinZip.

Unmatched by WinZip and any other ZIP utilities,
however, SecureZIP provides security features as
secure as leading security software such as PGP.
SecureZIP lets you sign a ZIP archive or other type
of file with your unique 1024-bit digital signature
to make sure that nobody can modify your file or
distribute a different file, claiming that it is yours.
The recipient of your file can then use SecureZIP to
verify the signature to ensure that the file is
authentic and has not been modified in the
distribution channel.

The U.S.-only version of SecureZIP contains 168-bit
Triple-DES and 1024-bit public key encryption functions
that lets you encrypt a ZIP file and any other type
of file. However, due to the export restrictions of the
U.S. Government, the encryption/decryption functions are
not included in the released beta test version. The beta
test version contains only the user interface to such
functions to allow beta testers to evaluate the look
and feel of the actual encryption/decryption process.

SecureZIP is fully compatible with SafenSigned - a
popular five star rated digital signature utility
released earlier by SecuriSys. By integrating
SafenSigned digital signature functions into a general
ZIP utility that everyone needs, SecuriSys hopes to
make its SafenSigned Signature even more popular.

The beta test version of SecureZIP can be downloaded
from SecuriSys's home page at http://www.securisys.com.
If you send us some comments and bug reports which
indicate that you have spent a reasonable amount of
effort to test the software, SecuriSys will send you
a registered version of the software for free. Please
send comments and reports to bugs at securisys.com.

For further information please contact:

SecuriSys Corporation
11245 183rd St. #230
Cerritos, CA.90703, U.S.A.

Tel: (562)-926-7257
FAX: (562)-926-7867

e-mail: info at securisys.com
Home page: http://www.securisys.com

All software packages currently published by SecuriSys
Corporation are signed by the SafenSigned Digital Signature:
RLDH-7UTR-2PBH4--GLGL-ETJJ-GJ251. Users are advised to
use SecureZIP or the SafenSigned Verifier to ensure that
the packages are authentic and have not been tampered with
before using them. Please visit http://www.securisys.com/
for more details.

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