Software to print graph paper

Philippe MARQUIS philimar at easynet.fr
Wed Sep 9 15:02:02 EST 1998

The free software GRAPHPAP designed to print customized graph 
papers has known a big success. Thank you for all the comments 
and suggestions. It shows that despite the common belief that 
most graphing is done on-screen nowadays, many people still 
use ordinary paper graphs and that it is becoming increasingly 
difficult to find such stationery.

The user feed-back has led to a new version 2.0, now available, 
always free on :

Some bugs have been corrected and important new features added:
1) Scales: linear, logarithmic, quadratic and gaussian.
2) Coordinates: cartesian or polar.

All the combinations are possible resulting in possibilities 
of quite esoteric formats. The quadratic scale is specially 
intended for immunochemistry teaching (plots of radial 
immunodiffusion assays). Polar coordinates have been required 
for diagrams of wave propagation and gaussian scale to check 
the distribution of cumulated frequencies.

Submitting any new idea for the next version will be wellcome

Dr Philippe Marquis
Centre hospitalier regional
e-mail : philimar at easynet.fr

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