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According to deena vichugsananon  <vichugsa at students.uiuc.edu>:
:I would absolutely love it if in my lifetime somehow all papers/articles/
:reviews were on the Web (diagrams and all) and you could read the whole
:thing, AND, the references in the paper.... (y'know like, (Brown, 1990))
:were all LINKS, and you could immediately click on it and read THAT

So would a lot of others.

:Plus, if all journals were on the Web, subscriptions would probably go
:down, because any terminal is accessible by any number of people.  But
:then, even hard copy journals have a way of going from desk to desk.

Ah - but with electronic, the publishers just charge each person looking
at an article.  That way, they make _more_ money than before .

:I can't think of all the pros and cons as to why this hasn't been
:done yet.  The technology is certainly there.  I'm curious if someone
:is working on this, or knows of an attempt to build such a system.

1. Many sites want to 'keep the eyes on the site as long as possible'.
Providing links to other, competitive sites, defeats that purpose.

2. One of the toughest things in my opinion is that no agreement as to
persistent document naming and ecommerce payment schemes has been
reached.  The document naming plays a part in keeping the links around
forever.  Until that happens, the cost of trying to keep links current
becomes very high.  The ecommerce payment scheme plays a part because,
until publishers can reliably recover their costs AND the costs are low
enough to be affordable to the majority of subscribers, we operate in 
a mode of experimentation.

A number of experiments, both free and commercial, exist out on the net.
Hopefully others will provide additional pointers in this thread.
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