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> I would absolutely love it if in my lifetime somehow all papers/articles/
> reviews were on the Web (diagrams and all) and you could read the whole
> thing, AND, the references in the paper.... (y'know like, (Brown, 1990))
> were all LINKS, and you could immediately click on it and read THAT
> paper.


> I can't think of all the pros and cons as to why this hasn't been
> done yet.  The technology is certainly there.  I'm curious if someone
> is working on this, or knows of an attempt to build such a system.
> D. Vichugsananon
> vichugsa at uiuc.edu

The library web system here at UCSF behaves somewhat like your
description with hotlinks from searches to online journals.
I believe UCSF is registered with these journals (as we also
take paper copies) so access is allowed only through the
UCSF server.
     Also, if you use the NCBI Entrez system to access PubMed
this also has links to some journals (accessible if you are
personally registered).  If you don't have the URL it is;

If you particularly meant the hotlinks within the electronic
articles themselves that will, as you say, take more
cooperation.  However, the "related articles" button on
the PubMed search frequently has at least some of the
references cited within a chosen article.
     Its certainly a big step from wading through those
Index Medicus books...   Kudos to NCBI for the Entrez
system.  I have enjoyed using it for a few years now.
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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