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Brian Rous bar at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 29 12:45:53 EST 1998

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Eric Carstens wrote:

> I have a Reference Manager database now that numbers over 11,000
> references. Each reference is assigned a permanent, unique number in the
> database. If I have a particular reference "in file", that is noted in a
> field in the Reference Manager database (in a field which includes 'not
> in file', 'in file', or 'requested'). This number never changes in the
> database. If references are deleted from the database, for example, a
> duplication, incomplete reference or whatever, the unique record remains
> available. That way, if I have a hard copy of the reference, I can
> safely marked it with the unique number and file them numerically for
> easy and quick access. Neither ProCite nor Endnote does not do this. 

Endnote does give unique identifier numbers to each reference in the same

> Reference Manager asks for confirmation of any changes to any record
> before saving. Neither ProCite or Endnote do this. 

Most users who know what they are doing would see excessive dialogue boxes
as a disadvantage. "Am I sure?" - Of course I am. Indeed I would say an
advantage of Endnote is that it continually saves the database so you can
just close the program when you are finished and you know everything is

> I can add references manually to my database and they are entered
> automatically with new unique record numbers continuously from the last
> record number used. If I import additional references from another
> database source, they are also given unique record numbers sequentially.
> From what I can see, neither ProCite nor Endnote do this.

Endnote also does this.
> The downside is that the current Mac version does not recognize Word 98
> for Macintosh so I have to convert my manuscripts to Word 5.1 before I
> can create a bibliography with Reference Manager. Perhaps all that RIS
> needs to do is upgrade this aspect and then the program would be fully
> functional again!

Endnote does work with Word 98 and has the additional ability that you can
search web-based databases directly from the program without the need for
using a different interface downloading and importing.

I am in no way affiliated to Niles or Endnote - just a satisfied user.

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