How to be hacker ?????

Richard P. Grant see_sig at cmtech.co.delete.uk
Thu Oct 29 04:59:19 EST 1998

In article <718t9t$289 at news2.jaring.my>, "Amoudi Brothers"
<yemen at pd.jaring.my> wrote:

: I am planning to study deeper about computer . I guess it would be quite
: interesting if I start with hacking computers. so I would like to ask about
: some information to be a good, real good hacker.
: I am waiting for somebody especially bionet.software to send some
: information about hacking computers.
: thanx a lot :)

The first thing you can do is cross-post this msg to as many groups as you
can think of, especially alt.sysadmin.recovery.

Oh, and change your name.

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