Exporting images of Macaw

Rich Dudley rdudley+ at pitt.edu
Wed Oct 28 09:10:34 EST 1998

vv wrote:

>     Does anyone know how could be exported alignments of Macaw ( images)
> to a word document? Is there any other freeware programe suitable for
> such a work?
>     Another questino: I am just starting to develop alignments with the
> Macaw software and I would want to know if there is any broadly used
> "protocol" for alignment sequences. I mean, how can I try to develop my
> best alignment and avoid wasting time searching for blocks everywhere...

With a Windows machine, you can use the shift+print screen combination,
which will take a snapshot of the screen in the clipboard.  You can then
paste this image into ay editing program you use (like Paint or Draw, that
come with Windows), or directly into Word itself.


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