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> > : Could you be more specific in describing the shortcomings, as I am not
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> > Indeed - I find EndNote superb.

Now, its my turn.  I've used Papyrus (for DOS) for some time and
find it cheap, powerful and flexible.  I've just found that there
is also a Mac version available (albeit in beta test).  If it has
(or will have) the same features as the DOS version I can heartily
recommend it.

> Okay, my views:
> I have a Reference Manager database now that numbers over 11,000
> references. Each reference is assigned a permanent, unique number in the
> database.

Papyrus does that.

> Reference Manager also has several levels of checks to ensure the
> integrity of the database including warning messages if data is
> incorrectly entered.

Papyrus does that.

> I can add references manually to my database and they are entered
> automatically with new unique record numbers continuously from the last
> record number used.  If I import additional references from another
> database source, they are also given unique record numbers sequentially.

Papyrus does that.

> Finally, if I need a particular journal format for my bibliography, I
> can use premade templates supplied by Reference Manager. If I want to
> edit these....

Papyrus is extremely flexible in this respect (import and output).

> Sorry for this very long post but you asked!

Just wanted to maintain the balance.  I have no commercial affiliation
with the makers of Papyrus but have found them to be very friendly
and helpful.  Check them out at http://www.rsd.com for a free demo
or to join the mailing list.

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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