Exporting images of Macaw

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> >     Does anyone know how could be exported alignments of Macaw ( images)
> > to a word document? Is there any other freeware programe suitable for
> > such a work?
> I assume you are talking about a wintel PC, but if you had a Macintosh you
> could use the key combination Caps Lock-command-shift-4 to take a snapshot
> of a window. The snapshot would be in the top level of your startup disk
> named Picture 1. You could then open it in word. But, if you aren't using
> a Mac, someone else will have to help.

As a Mac-newbie thanks for pointing this out!  On our machine (OS 8.1)
the key combination is actually Command-Shift-["top" 3] (where ["top" 3]
indicates the non-keypad 3) rather than the "4" on your machine.  This is
independent of the state of the caps lock and either of the Command or
Shift keys can be used.
     Until now I have used the Shareware program, FlashIt, which has
the advantage that only a portion of the screen need be saved.
     You learn something new every day...

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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