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: > 
: > >     Does anyone know how could be exported alignments of Macaw ( images)
: > > to a word document? Is there any other freeware programe suitable for
: > > such a work?
: > 
: > I assume you are talking about a wintel PC, but if you had a Macintosh you
: > could use the key combination Caps Lock-command-shift-4 to take a snapshot
: > of a window. The snapshot would be in the top level of your startup disk
: > named Picture 1. You could then open it in word. But, if you aren't using
: > a Mac, someone else will have to help.
: > 
: As a Mac-newbie thanks for pointing this out!  On our machine (OS 8.1)
: the key combination is actually Command-Shift-["top" 3] (where ["top" 3]

Um, I'm not a Mac newbie, having used them for about 7 years, but whereas
I knew about pretzel-shift-3, I'd never seen Caps Lock-pretzel-shift-4,
which lets you snap the portion of the screen you want.

Thanks for the tip, Jerry!

:      Until now I have used the Shareware program, FlashIt, which has
: the advantage that only a portion of the screen need be saved.

See above.

So when did this come into effect?  I'm using 8.0 (UK).


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