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Eric Carstens ecarsten at cgocable.net
Tue Oct 27 16:32:11 EST 1998

Richard P. Grant wrote:
> In article <ehovig-2610981401480001 at pcdnr83.uio.no>, ehovig at radium.uio.no
> (Eivind Hovig) wrote:
> [re EndNote]
> : Could you be more specific in describing the shortcomings, as I am not
> : really aware of them?
> Indeed - I find EndNote superb.

Okay, my views:
I have a Reference Manager database now that numbers over 11,000
references. Each reference is assigned a permanent, unique number in the
database. If I have a particular reference "in file", that is noted in a
field in the Reference Manager database (in a field which includes 'not
in file', 'in file', or 'requested'). This number never changes in the
database. If references are deleted from the database, for example, a
duplication, incomplete reference or whatever, the unique record remains
available. That way, if I have a hard copy of the reference, I can
safely marked it with the unique number and file them numerically for
easy and quick access. Neither ProCite nor Endnote does not do this. 
Reference Manager also has several levels of checks to ensure the
integrity of the database including warning messages if data is
incorrectly entered. Neither ProCite not Endnote do this.
Reference Manager asks for confirmation of any changes to any record
before saving. Neither ProCite or Endnote do this. 
I can add references manually to my database and they are entered
automatically with new unique record numbers continuously from the last
record number used. If I import additional references from another
database source, they are also given unique record numbers sequentially.

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