Help with PHYLIP

Greg Singer s866370 at aix2.uottawa.ca
Sun Oct 25 15:33:28 EST 1998

Caddie (caddie at iname.net) wrote:
>Anyone out there know how to annotate the 'plotfile' in PHYLIP.  I can print
>my trees just fine, I just cannot add title to the figures and insert the
>bootstrap percentages.  Ideally, I would love to be able to save it as a new
>file which I could open in another program and augment there.

  PHYLIP isn't a good choice for tree editing. I strongly recommend Rod 
Page's TreeView, which can do all of the things you mention (and more). 
It can read PHYLIP's treefiles. It's free and available for Mac and PC at:

	- Greg Singer

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