Software for stability of secondary structure

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> I may not speak for everyone reading this thread, but I think it has drifted
> well off it's intended course.  Let's put our egos aside, stop wasting
> bandwidth on these silly retorts, and get back to constructive intellectual
> exchange.

OK. The answer is that there is nothing on the web that can "measure" the
stability of the protein secondary structure. End of constructive exchange.

On a non-constructive note - how does one measure a stability of a
predicted structure?                                ^^^^^^^
Take a CD on a printout as a function of temperature? 
There is a joke popular among (some) physicists about badly formulated
problems, the one about a guy and a goldfish that grunted him three wishes.
The first wish goes like "I want to be a famous scientist!". "OK, - saz the
fish, close your eyes and count to ten". On "ten" guy opens his eyes to
find himself in a badly lighted dangeon where a grey-clad figure asks him
"So what exactly were you saying about the Havens, Mr. Giordano Bruno?"... 


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