Elisa reader software Titri - new version

G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl G.Vidarsson at Pobox.accu.uu.nl
Fri Oct 23 08:51:51 EST 1998

A new version of the ELISA reader software program Titri is available for
dowload at http://members.tripod.com/~gestur/programs/titri.htm

* Hardware requirements: 486 processor or higher

* Software requirements: Windows 3.11 (use version 4.75) or Windows 95
  (use version 5.02) or higher.

* To install - run the distribution EXE file (Titri.exe or Titri32.exe)
  to unzip necessary files to a temporary folder.  Then run "Setup.EXE"

* This software is totally free for all possible uses.

* Source code is available upon request.  Request should be addressed to me
  by email (G.Vidarsson at pobox.accu.uu.nl).  I only request that versions based
  on my program will not be used commercially, unless with direct consultation
  with me,and that they state in their version where the original come from.

Recent changes:

Version 5.01/4.74 -> 5.02/4.75

* Added support for more various data format while importing OD´s from disk or
  from spectrophotometers.


Happy computing!

Gestur Vidarsson
(G.Vidarsson at pobox.accu.uu.nl)

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