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> Vladimir
> I think you're being over-sensitive; the term 'littered' is simply used
here to mean 
> 'frequently found', unless I've missed some kind of subtext.

I could well be overly sensitive but only because during our seminars on
web-assisted methods of sequence analysis I hear all to often a derogatory
statements in the address of various service providers. Most of them are
nothing but reflections of one's frustration with not being able to find
something built exactly to their specifications, or to interpret the
results of one's quiry, or a simple delay in service. I personally know a
few people who write those programs, spend nights debugging and updating
their websites only to recieve dozens of angry email from inept and
bad-mannered users, who do not bother to read or follow the instructions.
Just other week we compared a number of web-based protein predictors using
a protein with known 3D stucture and one of the junior seminar audits did
not find anything better to do than to send emails to authors of a couple
of predictors that fell short of her expectations, calling them "morons"
and chastizing them for this "failure". This attitude albeit not always in
such ugly form is pretty pervasive among some scientists that consider all
the scientific web as a sort of free psychic hot-line. 
Well, now you know the reason for my oversensitivity.


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