Help, Rasmol installation on Linux

Reece Kimball Hart reece at whoville.wustl.edu
Sat Oct 17 17:14:20 EST 1998

>>>>> On 12 Oct 1998 01:33:51 -0700, Rimantas.Plaipa at gf.vu.lt (Rimantas Plaipa) said:
RP> <Pine.SOL.3.96.981011172657.16161A-100000 at famine.OCF.Berkeley.EDU>, 
RP> sjlee at ocf.Berkeley.EDU says...
>> I am having trouble installing Rasmol 2.6b2 on Redhad Linux 5.1 running
>> on a Dec Alpha. 
>> (ftp://marlin.bio.umass.edu/pub/shareware/rasmol/distrib/RasMol26b2.tar.gz)
RP> .....
>> rasmol.c:329: invalid use of undefined type `struct fd_set'
RP> ........

RP> Yes I had similar problem compiling RasMol for Caldera Open Linux with 
RP> gcc-2.7....
RP> I solved it by changing the following lines in rasmol.c :

There's a patch for linux in http://dasher.wustl.edu/~reece/RasMol/.  I've
used it on i686-linux-2.0 and alpha-osf1-4.0 systems.  There's also a
patch for SpaceOrb support there.  SpaceOrbs are 6-dof joysticks that cost
about 80$.  See www.spaceorb.com.  Works great and blows dial boxes away.

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