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In article <3626B61A.F23BEBF at students.wisc.edu>, Joshua Udall
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> Don't even bother installing software - check out the
> Internet Distiller!
> It's a free ftp service - send your *.ps file to the in
> directory then check the out directory in a few minutes.  I
> did some large manuals that way and worked great e.g. the
> gimp manual with lots of graphics.
> Josh

Do you have a URL for this service?
> > When you install Ghostscript (freeware) it is possible to convert a
> > postscript file into a .pdf file. For almost every printer there is a
> > free postscript driver so it is possible to make your own .pdf files
> > from every document you have.
> > Ghostscript also alows you to view these files, convert en print them
> > as well as a lot of other formats.
> > As far as I now  there is a version for Dos, Windows and Linux. It is
> > a very good program and completely free.
> > 
> > Rene

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