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Arne Elofsson arne at razor.biokemi.su.se
Fri Oct 16 09:12:06 EST 1998

seidel at osiris.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE (Dr. Henrik Seidel) writes:

> Maybe you should first have a look at
>   http://toaster.physik.hu-Berlin.DE/~boeck/Sixpack/index.html
> This is basically a Tcl/Tk GUI for bibtex. Additionally, it uses another
> perl program for converting between (almost) all reference file formats.

Seems nice however it could not import my bibtex files there is
another project (bibview) using gnome and LyX that hopefully will
provide a nice interface.

My main problem with LyX/Bibtex is not to keep track of the references
(emacs is excellent for that) but that the quality of the format files
not are that good. I have submitted papers to protein science,
proteins and jmb using Lyx (or latex sometimes)but It has always
involded some manual cheating to get every single comma and italics

And the format of style files is difficult to say the least.


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