Q:Rasmol, curser error in command window

berkeley at writeme.com berkeley at writeme.com
Thu Oct 15 19:47:07 EST 1998

I hope this is my last help request about Rasmol in this newsgroup. (I feel
I'm being selfish)

Thanks to generous people such as Andrew Martin, I finally am running
on RedHat Linux 5.1 on an Alpha.

Everything seems to work except that the command echo is delated exactly
three keystrokes. It may seem to be a minor inconvenience,
but it is very annoying most of the time.

For instance, on the RasMol> prompt, if I type "h-e-l-p-return", the display
shows nothing for the first three keystrokes, and then starts to display
"h-..." by the time I hit "p".

Did anybody have the same problem before?
I'm sick and tired of dealing with Redhat linux 5.1 . Maybe I should downgrade
it to 5.0


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