Bioinformatics system design project --- request comments

Mark Evans evans at funtv.com
Thu Oct 15 10:23:24 EST 1998

In article <learn-1410982118490001 at cs115-2.u.washington.edu>,
learn at u.washington.edu (Jerry Learn) wrote:

> Let me see if I have this straight: you and your company want to
> cannibalize someone else's code and you want us to tell you where to look
> for it. 
> Is that right?
> LoL
> _____
> Jerry Learn

Well, I wouldn't put it in those terms, as that was not my intention.  We
are perfectly willing to pay whatever license fees there may be for the
right to use things like Phrap/Phred (US$5000 for commercial license) and
link them together in-house so that we can use them, as an alternative to
spending ~US$250,000 for the hardware/software combo from Pangea (which I
would love to do, by the way). I didn't realize that seeking to use
software developed with taxpayer money for the genome sequencing project
for smaller scale projects would be considered "cannibalizing someone
else's code".

Mark Evans

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