Software for Hemoglobin Analysis

Vic Reilly taoess at voicenet.com
Wed Oct 14 19:34:05 EST 1998

TCS Scientific is excited to announce the availability of The Hemox
Analytical Software (HAS)which is a newly developed product by TCS
Scientific Corporation.  This product offering will directly interface a
PC to the Hemox Analyzer utilizing the same output cables currently
connecting the Hemox Analyzer to the X-Y Chart Recorder.   

The software collects real time data points using an A/D Data
Acquisition board (DAQ).  The DAQ comes as part of the product.  The HAS
reads the data points captured via the DAQ and plots the Oxygen
Equilibrium Curve in both oxy and deoxy state. The estimate p50, PO2,
logPO2, S1/S2 and temperature (temperature points are collected only
with the newest model of the Hemox Analyzer) are also displayed in
real-time. When the test run has completed the user has the option of
viewing numerous other results. The Hill Plot and Hill Derivative Curve
are available. Convergence of Adair constants and a data table with p0
through p100 is also viewable. The user can set the cooperativity range
with a preference section and can also choose how to smooth the curve
fitting process. They can also choose linear or logarithmic modes along
with overall or stepwise processing.

The software is developed in Visual Basic 5.0 (32-bit) and will run
under WINDOWS 95 and 98 and WINDOWS NT 4.0 platforms. Interested parties
can contact the company and request a demo version of the software which
does not require the DAQ (A/D) board. Or for quicker access to the
software, we highly recommend that you visit our website at
http://tcssci.com and review the product online.  You can also download
the demo software and manual right from the website.

TCS representatives (USA) can be contacted by email at
vreilly at tcssci.com , by phone 215-794-7895 or fax 215-794-7896. 
Customers in Europe can contact P.D. Marketing by phone +44 (1)
243-641312 or fax +44 (1) 243-641794.  Any TCS representative will
respond to any questions regarding the software or the HEMOX Analyzer.

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