Time for Moderation in this group?

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Wed Oct 14 22:33:05 EST 1998

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> Subject: Re: Time for Moderation in this group?

>     Tim Cutts (timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk) wrote:
> >Moderation is a solution which does not
> >penalise people on mailing lists and those on low bandwidth sites.
> Unfortunately moderation rarely works, because the "Approved-by"
> header, which is added by the moderator can also very easily be
> added by the spammer.  In fact one nntp client commonly used by 
> spammers does it for you.

moderation does work for the BIOSCI groups .. You simply need a
volunteer. (see http://www.bio.net/)

I "moderate" the yeast bionet newsgroup ... no spam there ...


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