Time for Moderation in this group?

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Tue Oct 13 11:34:04 EST 1998

In article <see_sig-1310980852130001 at>, rgrant at netscape.net wrote:

> In article <6vtc0v$hfl$1 at franklin.ljcrf.edu>,
> greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org (Dr. Greg Quinn) wrote:
> : Wouldn't it be a good idea to set up some kind of automoderation
> : for this (and other bionet) newsgroup, which could simply
> : consist of a spam filter?
> There is a way to moderate groups so that you have a human moderator who
> passes or deletes the first message from an address, then lets the 'bot
> know that a particular address is OK (or not), so all posts from that
> address will be accepted (or deleted, if need be).  
> The other way is to repeat the experience of asr and self-moderate . . . ;-)
could you explain how this self-moderation works?
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