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Rimantas Plaipa Rimantas.Plaipa at gf.vu.lt
Mon Oct 12 03:33:51 EST 1998

In article
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sjlee at ocf.Berkeley.EDU says...
>I am having trouble installing Rasmol 2.6b2 on Redhad Linux 5.1 running
>on a Dec Alpha. 
>Has anybody had similar problems?
>rasmol.c:329: invalid use of undefined type `struct fd_set'

Yes I had similar problem compiling RasMol for Caldera Open Linux with 
I solved it by changing the following lines in rasmol.c :

static struct fd_set OrigWaitSet;
static struct fd_set WaitSet;


static fd_set OrigWaitSet;
static fd_set WaitSet;

i.e by removing 'struct'.

It looks that gcc compiler needs (and accepts) this 'struct' keyword only if 
the structure is undefined.
In the file 'rasmol.c' fd_set is defined by certain include file before

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