POLL: Are you interested in EndNote for Linux?

Patrick patrick at howard.genetics.utah.edu
Fri Oct 2 09:50:52 EST 1998

On 2 Oct 1998, Ashok Aiyar wrote:

>     Chris Boyd (chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk) wrote:
> >The easy solution is to have a dual boot system, with a small partition
> >for Windows/Word/EndNote etc. and a large Linux one for serious

Suboptimal.  I have a triple boot system but prefer never to reboot if it 
is at all avoidable.

> There is at least other alternative to this.  I don't like a dual-boot 
> system, have taken the time to learn one word-processor (Word 6.0) and 
> do not wish to learn another.  I use WABI under Linux, and thus run those 
> those 16-bit Windows applications I need to use directly under Linux.

Or the best alternative is a bibliography program, perhaps based on 
BibTeX, but which has the power and ease-of-use of EndNote, but which 
works with all the major wordprocessors/type-setter programs that run on 
linux.  It could support StarOffice, Applixware, WordPerfect, AbiWord 
(still a bit young), they Gnome wordprocessor - I don't mention LaTeX of 
Klyx because it already supports these, naturally.  It should be able to 
place properly formatted refs into the document and produce an 
appropriate bibliography page commensurate with the paper style/journal 
to which the doc will be submitted - just like EndNote does.  No 
rebooting necessaryh/


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