non-destuctive shut down of PC

Ryan Sher ryan at smc-group.co.za
Mon Nov 30 08:09:36 EST 1998


I am working on a project were I will need to shut down a PC
non-destructively! This can be done by disabling either the monitor or
the mouse and keyboard. This shut down would need to be time dependant.
Is this possible to do this using software, some sort of signal to the
ports? What about a hardware solution?

What about some sort of screensaver? How does the screensaver work (does
it run in the background all the time or is it some how activated after
a certain time)? How can it be controlled?

Sorry to complicate the issue even more but the system will be using
computer games. This might lead to problems some games don’t let any
programs run in the background.

Please help!!!

ryan at smc-group.co.za

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