Bioaccelerator advise?

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> Here are the numbers on Work/Mhz for the different architectures for
> the ssearch3 (Smith-Waterman) program.
> Smith-Waterman cells/sec/Mhz:   cells*10^-6/sec/proc    OS      cost
> PowerPC 604e (300 Mhz): 58,365  17.5    (MkLinux)       $1800 (300 Mhz G3*)
> Alpha EV4 (275 Mhz):    54,777  15.1    (DUnix)
> Alpha EV5 (533 Mhz):    65,448  34.9    (DUnix)
> Alpha EV5 (533 Mhz):    57,305  30.5    (Linux)         $3500 (linux only)
> SGI R10K (180 Mhz):     72,277  13.0    (Irix)
> Intel PPro (200 Mhz):   86,336  17.3    (Linux)         $2000 (450 Mhz PII**)
> *A 300 Mhz G3 machine is probably 1.5 - 2.0X as fast. **The 450 PII is
> probably 2X as fast as the 200 Mhz PPro.
> At the moment, a dual processor 450 MHz PII Linux machine for $4,000
> should provide about 70*10^6 cells/sec - impressive. 30-40*10^6
> cells/sec is available on PowerPC G3's and 450 MHz PII's for $2,000.
> Bill Pearson

Thanks very much for the informative numbers.  If the price of
the EV4 and EV5 Alphas drop now the EV6 is on general release
this will make it a very cost effective solution (I see that
a reasonably configured dual EV6/500 MHz runs for about $20k
at the moment so this isn't really an option for a lab on a
budget).  I've found lightly configured 21164A/533 MHz machines
for well under $2,000 so these would give the others a run
for their money.
     Roll on the 1 GHz EV7...!

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