Lab FloorplanSoftware?

Dean Pentcheff dean2 at mail.biol.sc.edu
Wed Nov 25 11:19:49 EST 1998

"Larry \"Harris\" Taylor, Ph.D." <lpt at umich.edu> writes:
> We  are looking for free/share/commercial PC based software to examine
> various equipment configurations  within an  existing  laboratory
> floorplan. 
> Any suggestions?

I know this will sound horribly low-tech, but...  We've had good
success with paper cutouts.  I've used a commercial drawing program
that allows you to create objects with exact dimensions (Visio at
http://www.visio.com), as well as outlining the room and utility
locations.  You can either drag the objects around on the screen or
print them, cut them out, and physically shuffle them around on a
paper floorplan.  As I said, low-tech, but it works well.

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