[Linux Debian] Biology programs

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at pasteur.fr
Tue Nov 24 03:53:52 EST 1998

The Pasteur Institute maintains several programs of molecular
biology as Debian binary packages. They are available on:


Comments and suggestions welcome!

What is Linux Debian?

Debian is a specific *distribution* of the Linux operating system. 
It is a set  of programs, based on the same policy, regarding placement 
of files, etc, which can be installed without compiling anything. My 
personal opinion is that Debian is the best Linux distribution available 
and certainly the easiest to manage, thanks to its packaging system. 
You can have more information at <http://www.debian.org/>.

What is a Debian package?

A package is a binary archive of a program (or a closely related group 
of  programs) which owners of a Debian system can install or remove easily, 
by one command. Files in the package are arranged according to the Debian 
policy, so the user is certain to find the documentation in 
/usr/doc/packagename, the configuration file in /etc and so on.

Packages are made by volunteers like me which take an existing program, 
patch it if necessary and describes the rules that make it "Debian-compliant".

Who is the target?

According to a recent post I made on bionet.software, there are several 
biology research organizations which have Linux Debian machines and are 
interested by such a packaging. Debian packages, besides being available on 
the Internet, are also included in Debian CD-ROMS.

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