The Human Genome Analysis Project at mips

Petra Maierl maierlp at mips.biochem.mpg.de
Tue Nov 24 09:29:04 EST 1998

The Human Genome Analysis Project
at the Munich Information Center for Proteinsequences in cooperation
with DHGP

The aim of this project is to design an active database system to enable
the efficient use of data
extracted from public databases, to allow for a wide range of
parametrized queries, and to monitor
the database automatically with respect to rulespecified events. The
database will systematically
combine, verify and represent primary data produced at all stages of
experimental work as well as
additional knowledge derived on the basis of computational approaches,
such as sequence analysis
and protein structure comparison and prediction. Special emphasis will
be made on related sets of
classified sequence and structure elements, such as protein families,
domains, patterns, determined
and predicted folds. These will be linked to other database components
and dynamically populated.
The core elements of the system will be: 

     computable, indexed sets of entities related to human genes 
     a functional classification of human proteins based on systematic
homology and pattern
     an WWW oriented graphical user interface 
     a report facility to generate information automatically based on
event action rules. 


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