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Sun Nov 22 13:09:12 EST 1998

AVATAR Consulting has recently introduced an Electronic Lab Notebook - called
LABTrack.  LABTrack can be used in place of a LIMS (laboratory information
management system) or as a front end to a LIMS.

LABTrack is wonderful tool to manage both raw and reduced data in any R&D, QC,
contract services or production support laboratory.  With LABTrack you can
store chromatograms, spectra, spreadsheets, photos - any file that is
accessible to Windows including audio and video.  And it all works like a
electronic version of a lab notebook - the same rules are built-in.  LABTrack
even supports "Electronic Signature" as defined by the US FDA for electronic

The best news is LABTrack costs only $ 495 US!  Why spend thousands on a LIMS?
To request a free brochure, email your name, company and address to:
avatar at labtrack.com

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