FASTA format - proposed max line limit

tendo tendo at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 19 12:39:17 EST 1998

Ok, Andrew,

I took your point as the summary below.

    1) Sequence format need no change
    2) Instead, we should prepare library as well as documents to allow easy

Is that correct?

The problem of current format is

    1) too long comment lines have to be fit into a single line.
    2) it makes coding hard
    3) and it's not very human-readable.

I think the major point of Mathog's proposal is to provide a solution for
And you showed the solution for it.
I think my proposal is the simplest solution for both 2) and 3), and thus 1)
as well.

For Mathog's solution, actually provides human readability in a sense, but
dealing with two separate file make it more complex to code for those who
need reference information.

Anyway, it seems that Mathog and other guys lost interest of this stuff, and
that change of format provides no benefit for other people, so we should
just leave it there.

About your proposal, it is nice to share the library.
Can you provide it?
Well, I remember somebody provided "readseq" library somewhere, but I can't
remember who and where...


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