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Alexander Biela biela at botanik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Nov 18 13:50:02 EST 1998

Manuel van Leusden wrote:
> Hi,
> We want to purchase DNAsis from Hitachi-software (Windows95 version).
> Does anyone have any experience with this program?
> Any restrictions known?
> Is it as good as other software (GCG, Omiga)?
I use DNAsis3.5 for Mac, but I just use the contig manager and the ORF
finder to to get the protin sequence. DNAsis is protected by a hardware
dongle so you can´t use it via your network from another computer. Of
course the programm offers much more features but I use different
programms, e.g clustal for multiple sequence alignments and genedoc to
view and edit these files, TMpred for hydrophobicity plots etc. There
are a lot of free programs around in the internet you can use instead of
DNAsis. Have a look at the expasy server www.expasy.ch or Pedro´s
homepage http://www.public.iastate.edu/~pedro/rt_1.html
We have tested omiga but don´t even think about it. I can´t remember if
the tested version was a beta release but the program was not very
stable and comfortable. 
cioa alex

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