Digital imaging, software etc- a question

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Thu Nov 19 14:42:26 EST 1998


     In our lab we also use PIXERA camera, and Olympus/Zeiss microscope ,
other hardware is just a faster PC based on Windows 95/98/NT,
you can use any graphics/image processing software to process the images,
it is rather easy a job.
    just like you are using a scanner. and you can even record the motion

Przemko Tylzanowski wrote in message
<3652ED11.99C758D1 at email.at.the.end.of.the.posting.I.hate.spam>...
>We are about to get a microscope with a digital camera. Altough we
>pretty much made up our minds about the microscope, the camera issue
>remains unresolved.
>What we need is a HIGH quality, publication quality imagery. I am stuck
>with the following dilemma. I can get a digital camera but then I don't
>have the real time option. That option is EXTREMELY important when one
>is focusing the image. If I don't have areal time i have to grab god
>know how many frames before I get one that is right.
>On the other hand I can get an analog camera but then, of course, the
>resolution is not very satisfactory. Especially if I would like to do
>some postprocessing like taking a picture but zooming in and publishing
>only a part of it. In that case my image will be too ugly to do anything
>with it.
>Also the software is important. There is anumber of free- and payware
>out there. Any suggestions? One thing, it has to be for Windows NT
>(sorry, no Macs.)
>Any comments are welcome. If I will get any, I promise to summarize and
>post it here.
>przemko at sgi dot celgen dot kuleuven dot ac dot be

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