non-linear fitting software

kll at crc.dk kll at crc.dk
Fri Nov 20 15:46:47 EST 1998

I would like to be able to estimate parameters in models with more than one
independent variables. Does anyone know of a program which can do this. Which
algorithm should I use? (I have previously used the Levenberg-Marquardt). In
addition to the parameter estimation I would like:
a: error estimates for the parameters, e.g. by a monte-carlo procedure
b: a statistical measure of the goodness-of-fit

The program should preferably run on either a PC or Mac although UNIX/LINUX
should also be possible. Of course a program with a user friendly interface
like Kaleidagraph would be nice.

Thank You

Kresten Lindorff Larsen
Dept. Yeast Genetics
Carlsberg Laboratory

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