Digital imaging, software etc- a question

Alexander Biela biela at botanik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Nov 18 12:43:36 EST 1998

Przemko Tylzanowski wrote:

> What we need is a HIGH quality, publication quality imagery. I am
> stuck
> with the following dilemma. I can get a digital camera but then I
> don't
> have the real time option. That option is EXTREMELY important when one
> is focusing the image. If I don't have areal time i have to grab god
> know how many frames before I get one that is right.
> On the other hand I can get an analog camera but then, of course, the
> resolution is not very satisfactory. Especially if I would like to do
> some postprocessing like taking a picture but zooming in and
> publishing
> only a part of it. In that case my image will be too ugly to do
> anything
> with it.
In our lab we have tested a digital camera from pixera. It´s a small RGB
camera with an PCI Bus interface card that is plugged into your computer
(a fast Mac or pentiumII). You can set the resolution from 320x240
pixels up to 1260x960. The software (win95,NT,Mac) offers you a more or
less realtime view (10 frames/s) of your sample in a small window on
your monitor depending on the choosen resolution. It´s possible to focus
the picture while watching the monitor, but of course there is a delay.
You can´t compare it with a video camera. So this is the reason why you
need a very fast PC with a professional graphic board. The aquired
pictures have a very good quality at all, even when you zoom into it.
If you need further information, e.g distributor or else please feel
free to send me a mail

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