DNATools, revision 192

Søren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Tue Nov 17 11:24:06 EST 1998

NEW in DNATools 5.1, revision 192:

The auto-build header function has been modified to accept also
the output from Gapped blast searches when done at NCBI.

The collection of SAGE programs is still being modified and extended as a
result of our current work with this approach to the analysis of gene
expression. A new function has been added and most of the existing ones
modified/improved. Printing SAGE tag distribution histograms may still not
work with all printers (it has only been tested on a HP LaserJet 6P)

Earlier version sometimes refused to display the text header form. This
should be corrected now.

The automated mail blast search has been used a lot and - at least on my PC -
works very efficiently, running the search job in the background and
delivering the output into the sequence header.

I have removed the MS Internet Browser dll (Shdocvw.dll) from the installation
files. Its presence sometimes caused installation problems - and the DNATools
internet browser only works if MS IE 4.0 is properly installed anyway.

The help file has been updated.
download the latest revision at:


The zip file DT_51192.zip, 6.511 Mb, contains new setup files for DNATools 5.1
revision 192. After downloading the zip file, just un-zip it and run the setup
program to start using DNATools.

The zip file 51192_EXE.zip, 1.161 Mb, contains updated versions of
dnatools.exe and dnatools.hlp. If you already have DNATools installed and
want to update, you can download the revised exe and help files. Then locate
the DNATools directory on your PC and overwrite the old files. Remember to
close all programs before you replace the files. Note that it is NOT possible
to run the update files without first installing DNATools.

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