Oligo design

Arnulf Hartl arnulf.hartl at sbg.ac.at
Sat Nov 14 07:54:47 EST 1998

Take a look at:
There you will find a lot of useful links to PCR-related Webpages and
Freeware Software for molecular biology tasks (e.g. Xiongfong Chens DNAClub
at )
Arnulf Josef Hartl
arnulf.hartl at sbg.ac.at

Oskar Fdz-Capetillo wrote in message <364D6B36.5E2C2AB5 at lg.ehu.es>...
>Hi there:
>    Does anyone knoe any freeware software or any web page wich is
>available for working with oligo design ( calculating Tm-s, designing
>best primers and probes...).
>    Thank you in advance,
>            Oskar

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