How to connet to GDE?

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> Dear all:
> Could anyone tell something aboyt GDE "Genetic Data Environment"?
> Is there a website that I can use GDE?
GDE is an expandable graphic user interface that runs on several UNIX
platforms (available at http://golgi.harvard.edu/ftp/GDE/). It was written
for SunOS 4.x, but has been ported to DEC, SGI, and Linux (I think). An
implementation of GDE taking advantage of its expandability is described
in considerable detail at Brian Fristensky's BIRCH site
(http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~psgendb/GDE/gde.html). It is not capable of
runnning via WWW browsers (as far as I know). 
A commercial available descendant of GDE, the seqlab environment
(http://www.gcg.com/products/interfaces.html), is included with the
Wisconsin Package from GCG and this company is developing a WWW interface,
SeqWeb. I don't know how much the two interfaces will have in commmon.
Below is the abstract from the article describing GDE (obtained from

Comput Appl Biosci 1994 Dec;10(6):671-5 

The genetic data environment an expandable GUI for multiple sequence analysis.

Smith SW, Overbeek R, Woese CR, Gilbert W, Gillevet PM

Millipore BioImage, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 

An X-Windows-based graphic user interface is presented which allows the
seamless integration of numerous existing biomolecular programs into a
single analysis environment. This environment is based on a core multiple
sequence editor that is linked to external programs by a user-expandable
menu system and is supported on Sun and DEC workstations. There is no
limitation to the number of external functions that can be linked to the
interface. The length and number of sequences that can be handled are
limited only by the size of virtual memory present on the workstation. The
sequence data itself is used as the reference point from which analysis is
done, and scalable graphic views are supported. It is suggested that
future software development utilizing this expandable, user-defined menu
system and the I/O linkage of external programs will allow
biologists to easily integrate expertise from disparate fields into a
single environment.
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